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Join a milk round

We currently offer a doorstep delivery service in the following local villages:


North Aston, Middle Aston, Steeple Aston, The Heyfords, Duns Tew, Somerton and Deddington. 

Deliveries take place between 5am and 9am on Tuesdays and Fridays, except Deddington (Tuesdays only).


We also deliver to Wolvercote, on the outskirts of Oxford, on Wednesday afternoons.

We charge £4 per month for a single weekly delivery and £8 per month for a twice-weekly delivery.

Your invoice will be emailed to you at the end of each month for payment by bank transfer.


 If you are within our delivery areas and would like to join a round, please complete and submit the form below to register your interest. We may not be able to add you immediately as our milk supply is limited.


If you're interested in becoming a collection customer instead, please email us. ​

There is no charge for using the collection fridge, although space is limited. Customers in the following villages work together to collect their produce all at once: Bladon, Charlbury, Great Rollright and Kirtlington.

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"Absolutely love your products and service. The dairy products are amazing and have never found a better ice cream, organic or non-organic."

Jane King, collection customer

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