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Order meat, ice cream and more online

Welcome to our online shop, where you can buy our pasture-fed beef, lamb & rose veal, as well as our homemade organic ice cream, and Nettlebed cheese.

We offer free delivery within 15 miles (inc. Oxford, Banbury & Bicester) for orders over £40, or alternatively you can collect from the farm or have it delivered with your milk.

Our organic milk, yoghurt, and cream is not currently available to order online, but there are other ways to buy!

Meat Boxes

Organic Ice Cream, Cheese & Extras

Ice Crem

Pasture-Fed Beef (freshly frozen)

Pasture-Fed Beef: Steaks

Pasture-Fed Beef: Joints


Pasture-Fed Beef: The Rest

Ethical Rose Veal (freshly frozen)

Rosé Veal: Steaks

Rosé Veal: The Rest

Pasture-Fed Lamb (out of stock until late 2024)


Unfortunately, we do not currently have any lamb in stock. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to sell last year's whole lamb crop off before they were fat enough to slaughter. We will not have our own lamb back in stock until late summer 2024, but in the meantime we are exploring other options. Apologies for the disappointment - we know some of you really love our lamb (we do too, and will also miss it this year!). 

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