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Every month we write a newsletter which we send to our regular dairy customers, as well as subscribers to our mailing list. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, please click here.

June 2022 Newsletter

There’s been plenty of goings-on over at the dairy during the past few months. We’ve had the builders, plumbers, electricians and engineers in to convert one of our old buildings into a brand-spanking-new processing room. Once it’s finished, we’ll have a lot more space to perform our pasteurisation & bottling tasks, and we’ll be able to fit in a new milk tank twice as big as the old one. We’ve definitely outgrown our current, very small space for production and it’ll be nice not bumping into things and working on top of one another in the new room. There might even be enough space to show a few people around! Perhaps we’ll have an open day once it’s finished and invite you all to have a look - and meet the cows too. Details to follow soon…

We have some exciting news about a brand-new product we’ve been working on over the past few months – oat milk! It’s still in the development phase and not quite finalised but we hope to have a finished product available to purchase soon. This is the dairy’s first inroad into alternative milk. With the growing demand for plant-based milk and an increasing proportion of the population lactose intolerant, it’s been an ambition of ours for quite a while to develop something that is in keeping with the spirit of the dairy but could be offered alongside our regular cow’s milk as an alternative. The benefit to oat milk is that it can be produced with ingredients that are easily grown in our climate and it’s far less environmentally impactful and more sustainable than soy or almond milk. With the potential for some of our orders to shift to non-dairy milk, it could also mean less pressure on the cows to keep up with the ever-increasing demand and we could switch to a less intensive, 100% pasture-fed system for them. Further down the line, and if we have enough of a customer base for the oat milk, we could become one of the first farms to produce our own locally grown oats that are processed into milk on-site. Not only would we be known for our holistic approach to dairy farming and our “udder to doorstep” operation, but we could include “seed to doorstep” in there too… exciting times lie ahead!

While we’re sure the oat milk won’t be for everyone, perhaps there are some non-dairy drinking members of your household who would like to try it, or you may have a non-dairy drinking neighbour who might be interested in a delivery of locally produced, organic, plant-based milk in returnable glass bottles. If you would like to register your interest in our oat milk, please send us an email. If you could let us know approximately how many 750ml bottles a week you would require and whether they would be an addition or as a replacement to your current milk order that would be a great help to us too. The product is not quite finalised yet and there may be a few more trial-run batches while we perfect the recipe, so there might be an opportunity for us to send you some free samples before we have a finished product for sale. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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