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Every month we write a newsletter which we send to our regular dairy customers, as well as subscribers to our mailing list. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, please click here.

November 2020 Newsletter

The cows are already seeing the benefits of the dairy’s merger with North Aston farm. The winter housing has been upgraded and the milkers have a huge barn. There’s so much space we’re not sure they’ll want to leave in the spring! It’s located right next to the milking parlour so they’ve not got far to go twice a day for milking (and most importantly, we haven’t got a lot of muck to clean up where they used to traipse through the yard!) The calves have a barn all to themselves with plenty of space. In winters gone by they would share with the dry cows, but there’s no waiting for their turn at the ring feeder any more. There are no larger cattle with them to hog all the best food. TB testing has become less stressful (for cow and human) as there’s a neat little cattle run and crush right next to where the milkers reside. The whole process of testing takes next to no time (…and everyone passed their tests as usual.)

Fresh Rose Veal

There’s a good selection of fresh rose veal in the fridge, with plenty of packs of mince and stewing steak. Currently we have…

Veal Stock Bones - £9.00/2kg (~2kg/bag) - frozen

Mince - £5.00/500g (~500g/pack)

Stewing Steak - £5.75/500g (~500g/pack)

Stir-Fry Strips - £7.50/500g (~500g/pack)

Osso Bucco - £15.00/750g (~500g - 1kg/packs of two)

Veal Chops - £12.10/550g (~500-600g/packs of two)

Shoulder Joint - £30.80/2.8kg (~2.5 - 3.1kg, rolled and tied)

Brisket - £12.00/1kg (~1kg - 1.3kg)

Short Ribs - £15.60/1.3kg (~1.2 - 1.4kg packs of four ribs)

Silverside Joint - £19.50/1.5kg (~1.3-1.6kg)

Fore-Rib Joint - £33.00/1.5kg (~1.4 - 1.6kg two rib joints)

Rump steak - £5.85/300g (~300-350g/packs of two)

Sirloin steak - £7.50/300g (~300-350g/packs of two)

Christmas and New Year arrangements

If you’re going away over Christmas please don’t forget to cancel your order. If you’re having family and friends over and would like to increase your order, please give us plenty of notice. The cows don’t stop for Christmas and neither do we. It’s business as usual for us, but if you have a delivery or a collection on a Friday, then these will be moved to a Saturday for two weeks. That’s a delivery or collection on Saturday 26th December and Saturday 2nd January.

There will be no changes to any other delivery or collection over this time.

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