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Every month we write a newsletter which we send to our regular dairy customers, as well as subscribers to our mailing list. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, please click here.

September 2020 Newsletter

September has been a great month for production and the grass has probably grown quicker than at any other time of the year. Plenty of rain in August along with the hot temperatures helped the pasture kick on for one final push and we had a little autumn flush of milk. Hopefully this means we can keep the girls outside longer than normal, and ideally well into November. We may struggle on silage bails over the winter and there’s a concerning lack of straw grown locally this year (for the bedding), so the longer the cows can remain outside the better really. The only thing that could spoil it now is too much rain.

There’s a good selection of rose veal available, currently we have in the fridge…

Mince - £5.00/500g (~500-550g/pack)

Stewing Steak - £5.75/500g (~500-550g/pack)

Osso Bucco - £18.00/900g (~600g-1.2kg/packs of two)

Escalopes - £11.25/450g (~300-600g/packs of two)

Brisket - £12.00/1kg (~900g - 1.2kg)

Short Ribs - £12.00/1kg (~800g - 1.2kg/ packs of four ribs uncut)

Rump steak - £9.75/500g (~400-500g/packs of two)

Sirloin steak - £10.00/400g (~350-450g/packs of two)

…the meat’s getting close to its use by date so if you’d like to place an order we may have to freeze it for you, depending on which day you have your next delivery or collection with us.

We’ve had some unfortunate news from our local abattoir regarding our future meat orders. They’ve informed us that due to staff shortages and social distancing they’ll no longer be able to provide the meat in 500 gram portions and they won’t be able to vacuum pack it either. Both of these things are pretty essential to how we like to offer the meat to you and to give it as long a shelf life as possible. It looks like we’ll have to find another business to do the butchery and packaging while this policy is in place. As you may have heard in the news, Covid-19 has seriously affected factories and especially meat processing facilities like abattoirs. The one we use is very small and is an independent business, but we can see why they feel they need to restrict their services at this time to protect their staff and make sure everyone is safe.

We trialled using a different local butcher to do the butchery and packaging on one round of meat a couple of years ago. The quality of the butchery and the presentation of the meat was excellent, but the whole process ending up costing us twice as much as what we we’re used to paying (the abattoir still has to perform the cull, so there were two businesses to pay). If this is the route we have to take again then unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to absorb the extra costs, and the increase in fees will have to be reflected in the price we offer the meat for sale. The meat listed above could be the last at the current prices.

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