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Introducing our premium Beef Rump Cap Joint, also known as 'Picanha' - a popular Brazilian cut that's perfect for grilling or roasting. This juicy and flavourful joint boasts a generous amount of fat coverage that keeps it moist and succulent. It's no wonder why it's South America's signature BBQ cut of beef that impresses even the most discerning meat-eaters.


Our organic beef is slaughtered nearby the farm (ensuring the animals have the best end of life experience they can), hung on the bone for a minimum of 28 days, and then carefully prepared by the expert butchers at Mellow Meats. Unfortunately, they aren't organically certified so we can't label it 'organic', but it is!  Please note that all weights are approximate and we standardise our prices for online sales, since each cut will vary slightly in weight.

Beef Rump Cap Joint (Picanha)

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